Maryam Jamal

Have we met?

Indoor Installation.

A pink painted room surrounded by angels looking at the visitor, with the water 

ripples structured on the floor, a heavenly green ceiling, and a mirror on one wall to 

have people look at themselves with angels around them who know everything about 

them and know whether they deserve to go to heaven or not.

The broken mirror raises the question: Do you really know who you are and what 

you’ve done? This pink room is a space where the person experiences the artwork in 

360 degrees, and it is zoned in so the person cannot hide or try to be something 

he/she is not, because the angels already know everything, while the rest of space 

resembles emptiness. 

Location: Block 338, Adliya, Bahrain.

Size: 404×360×313 cm  

Date: 16.11.2017